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Annalise Garcia

Ever since I was a little girl my dream always revolved around the fashion world. I can remember watching countless hours of "America's Next Top Model," idolizing Tyra Banks. To this day I remember watching the show and taking away the power and confidence those girls gained by embracing who they were.

What started the fire inside of me was the opportunity to do my first show with Paul Mitchell's school of hair. We went through the process of being split into groups and then waiting until everyone had their hair and makeup done. Getting to the iWireless Center was the most nerve wracking of all, considering we all practiced our cat walk down the extremely long runway. It was so amazing to see my family cheering me on and the friends I had made congratulate me as I finished. I remember being the youngest one there. I was a middle schooler with seniors and college students. The funny thing is that none of them asked me how old I was until the show was almost over!

After this another show came up a couple months later at the mall for a dress boutique. I was so excited to get to walk another runway but with my sister this time! How amazing is that!?

Things sort of died down after the first two opportunities and I can remember just dying for something else to come up. Finally a few years later my uncle introduced me to Dasha Denger, an amazing photographer who I believe gave me the confidence I needed. We did a small shoot at her loft and after that I looked for anything I could do to be a part of something that took me in the direction I wanted to go.

I ended up seeing an ad for Faviana looking for Brand Ambassadors. I filled out the application with about an hour left before the deadline and waited and waited. I ended up receiving an email telling me I got the position and I was now a part of the Faviana family! Faviana is located in New York City and creates inspiring design for women of all ages to embrace who they are and feel beautiful doing it.

With retailers around the world, make sure to check out stores near you! The thing about fashion is that it all depends on the perspective of its buyer and Faviana has choices for absolutely anyone. I am honored and blessed to have found a family as welcoming as Faviana.

I am so grateful for Hope's Bridal in Davenport, IA, for being more than willing to let Love GIRLS Magazine use Faviana dresses for our photo shoot. Hope's Bridal has many beautiful dresses to choose from and wonderful employees to help you find what you're looking for!

If I could give advice to anyone it would be to always follow your dreams and that the fashion world will always have a door open if you have the courage to find it!