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Makeup & Fashion Articles

The Makeup Fairy

Jasmine Babers

Feminists wear makeup too. I believe in the power of confidence. I believe in the power of transformation. I believe that when you look good, you feel good and as a result, the possibilities are endless.

We walk around with misconceptions about makeup and natural beauty looming in the back of our minds. Thoughts like, foundation will somehow make you look fake or that a fresh face is lazy . . . But the beauty of cosmetics is that once you move past your societies influenced opinions on gloss and blushes, you can start to form your own opinion about the world that is makeup.

Even as a kid I would love to dabble in different kinds of products. As I grew older my lip smackers collection turned into a more dynamic assortment of powders and liquids. Over the years I found myself falling in love with makeup.

For me makeup is just another accessory, like a statement necklace or a great pair of heels. Makeup has the power to make you feel more complete. It is a way to put a "finishing touch" on your fabulous outfit or to add pop when you need a little something extra. It is art. It is fashion and believe it or not, it can change the way you feel about yourself.

If you are ever looking for a reason to put on makeup, do it for yourself. Makeup is not to impress others or hide imperfections, although those can be some of the shameless benefits. I believe the power of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty.

I have found that when I put on makeup, I feel more like myself. I feel bright, sparkly and inviting. Makeup actually helps me portray my true self more effectively. Some of my favorite types of makeup happen to be the most ironic.

For example, Benefit cosmetics. They have a high quality product and fun packaging. The ingredients are top notch and you can be confident that this product will take good care of your skin. I LOVE the obvious irony of the name . . . "Benefit". Also one of my very favorite cosmetics lines happens to also be inspirational. The "Philosophy" line is perfect for relaxation and looking beautiful, but it also comes with eloquently written motivational sayings and tips on the packaging.

To be your self is not to be bare. One of my favorite makeup artists shares this opinion. She is never bare and she is always herself, a wonderfully proud Jamaican. I call her "The Makeup Fairy." Also in love with makeup, she has her own line of products. Every lip color, foundation or eye shadow is applied with care and love. Her wands are a variety of brushes and when she waves them you feel beautiful. Her work is beautiful not only because she is a skilled artist, but also because Robyn Ryan is one of those people that sees the beauty in everyone. After 20 years in the fashion and beauty industry, the Robyn Ryan label was launched in the spring of 2015. Robyn Ryan makeUP & skinUP... Caribbean secrets for your skin are available online at

She is proof that makeup will not taint or change your authenticity. It is not my intention to say something so profound that you are suddenly swayed to run to Sephora for a shopping spree. However, I would like you to consider the beauty in cosmetics. Too much of anything is never a good thing, but just the right amount something can be a good thing. Whether you wear a little or a lot, rarely or every day . . . I believe in expression. I believe in enhancement. I believe in makeup.