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Makeup & Fashion Articles

Modest Is Hottest

Mariah Martinez

Clothes are very important. Think about it. It is illegal not to wear them. We spend lots of money trying to look our best in them. Going back to school, we grab the money we've saved up for that cute outfit to wear the first day so we can rock the halls of our schools and have the newest trends all year long. But what price are we really paying to look like the celebrities?

I bought crop tops, maxi skirts, leggings, skater skirts and the list goes on. I had low self-confidence when I realized not everything in store-front windows or in magazines was designed for my shorter stature.

After a long year of trying to fit in with the latest trends - I finally gave it all up. I was determined to make a statement with my clothes. I would no longer where clothing that would make me run in the opposite direction if I happen to run into my pastor.

I use two checks when shopping to simply tell if something is modest and affordable. The first check: length. When I pick out and try on clothes, I look at the front, side and back. This helps me see if any extra skin is showing.

The second check: scanning the internet. Use the Internet for inspiration. Websites like Pinterst, Etsy and Wanelo are great apps to find simple, cute and affordable outfits.

We must always be true to our own style and personality. Don't let society shape how you should dress and what you should look like. As trends come and go, we are put in molds that are hard to fill. Wearing certain clothes does not define ones beauty. Clothes should be a reflection of each individual's personality.

Make a bold statement in the fashion world. Go out and try do-it-yourselfers with friends. Mix patterns, add accessories and create a signature look. Rocking bright lips or adding a cat eye can bring out your own style.

Being attractive and confident doesn't come from the clothes but from within. Walk the halls with confidence this semester and look beautiful while honoring your body and sense of self. When you go to the store and look at the clothes in your hand, be who you are in your clothes and remember modest is hottest.