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In With the Old,
Out With the New

Mikhayla Hughes Shaw

I am a fan of vintage clothing. Fashion has always been said to repeat itself. There are many different decades represented by on our modern day runways, ranging from the poofy A-line skirts from the 50s to the bold pattern sweaters from the 90's. The variety is helpful in creating a signature look inspired by the style icons before us. Explore the popular fashions from various decades and the styles that pop up on Pinterest today.

The 1950s was a time of great sophistication for women's fashion. Style icons like Marilyn Monroe had a way of looking dashing 24-7, whether they were in casual or formal wear.

Popular hair styles included pin-up curls and slick very precise styles. The makeup was dramatic with dark eyebrows, winged eyeliner bold lashes and a deep eye crease for more sunken eyes; a Marilyn Monroe trademark. Lots of red lipstick was a must and still a great option in my opinion.

Woman with makeup

Patterned A-line skirts and dresses with polka dots, plaids and stripes were favorites. Oxfords, button up shirts and pointed toe pumps made their debut during this decade. Musical artist, Lana Del Ray takes on a very 1950's look with her makeup and hair styles.

Also among my favorite fashions are the trends of the 1970s. The hipsters of today pull from this era the most. The psychedelic gifs that float through Tumblr today are from this "trippy" period. The popular clothing items included, tassels, Moccasins, Tie-dye, Kimono scarves, layered jewelry, flared pants and "trippy" prints. The hair was messy and natural with headbands across the forehead, feathers, beads and braids.

A lot of celebrities today wear styles inspired the 1970s, like Vanessa Hudgens and her sister Stella Hudgens, although they put a more bohemian twist on their styles. They are what could be considered as modern day "hippies."

So, when you go shopping for something new, you might want to look for inspiration in something old.

Girl in Red:
Mikhayla Hughes Shaw