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Love Girls Magazine - Because Every Girl Has A Story

About Love Girls Magazine

Our organization provides young women an opportunity for hands-on experience in journalism, photography, film, graphic design, marketing and business management. In addition to the magazine LGM offers two events annually; the Girls on Fire writing conference and the Love Awards, a celebration to honor the accomplishments of young women.

Board Members

  • Crystal McCaw
  • Brianna Haney
  • Kayla Babers
  • Becky Nakashima Brooke
  • Leslie Klipsch
  • Elena Vallejo
  • Mariah Martinez
  • Robert Babers
  • Teresa Babers
  • Venessa Taylor
  • Georgina Hicks
  • Lauren Harper
  • Shenetha Shipp

Jasmine's Story

Jasmine Babers - Founder

Jasmine Babers, Founder of Love Girls Magazine

I started this project in high school because a close friend was being bullied. Like so many who face bullying and harassment, she struggled, wondering if the things being said to her were true. She lacked role models and mentors to help her realize the amazing, intelligent and wonderful person she was.

I decided that I could sit back and watch this happen, or I can do something about it and that is how Love Girls Magazine was born. I wanted to show my friend that she was beautiful enough, inside and out, to be in a magazine. I wanted to create a set of everyday role models for all the young girls who did not see themselves reflected in the media.

I believe that when women and girls encourage each other, they have the power to break down barriers, and build each other up.

  • LGM team appears on "Living Local"

The title of the magazine, LOVE, speaks to the support we can offer each other as we search for our own path to success. Love also stands for the specific ways we can help women and girls: we can Lead the way, we can Overcome barriers, we can Value each other, and we can Empower others. Lead, Overcome, Value, and Empower and for me, that's LOVE. Women and girls of all ages are invited to join me in supporting the next generation of leaders.