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Positive Affirmations

Briana Neben

Positive affirmations are healthy, sometimes courageous statements we repeat to ourselves, over and over, until we truly believe them. Positive affirmations help people of all ages to know their worth because it is coming from inside and expressing itself outwardly. These statements are important because they can improve self-esteem and self-concept. They can be motivation for the day, or hope in a single moment. Some positive affirmations are simple, physical, and surface-level such as: I have beautiful hair. The examples below, however, take that self-confidence challenge a step further and focus on inner strengths.

My mind and body are worthy of the compassion I give to others.

We sometimes become so preoccupied with doing good for others that we forget to do good for ourselves. This week, remind yourself that you are worthy of the same compassion you extend to your dearest friends. You can't pour from an empty cup, so make sure that yours is full before you pour into other people.

My mind and body are deserving of my time.

Many of us lead busy lives. We are constantly striving to do more and more, often around other people who have the same goals and reinforce this busy mentality. This week, remind yourself that you are worthy of alone time, and give your mind and body some quiet space to Just. Be. Present. Lookup guided meditations on YouTube, or some Tibetan singing bowls videos. Set aside as little as 3 minutes and press play. You deserve this time for yourself.

I am worth fighting for.

For the girls out there - it's time we start considering the phrase "you (insert verb here) like a girl" as a compliment. We are strong and we are resilient. Feel empowered to achieve great things this week, because you are worth it and you have value in this world.

I can do this, for me.

Are you facing a big challenge? Is something in your life really intimidating to you right now? Remind yourself this week that you are capable. Define capable in a way that suits you best. You have what it takes to overcome this, even if you have to ask for help. Using your resources is considered strength, not a weakness.

Start making your own positive affirmations that are unique and challenging for you by identifying an area where you could improve your strength. For example, if you need to focus on self-love, tell yourself a specific reason why loving you is important. Repeat it and combine it with yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, or whatever makes you enter your calm, safe space. Envision yourself reaching your goals and then do what it takes to reach them. You are worthy, and you can do this.