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Love Girls Magazine - Because Every Girl Has A Story

Girls On Fire

Some girls fear fire, others become it.

"Girls on Fire" is a writing and storytelling program produced by the LGM staff. This program is available to girls of all ages. "Girls on Fire", provides an environment where girls can support each other and make friends. Contact us to bring "Girls on Fire" to your school.

Research proves girls are more likely than boys to suffer from low self-esteem.
Although boys and girls report similar levels of low self-esteem during childhood,
a gender gap emerges by adolescence. (Robin et al., 2002) McLeod, S.A.
(2012) Low self-esteem - simplypsychology.org

The Riches of Girl Power

The power of a girl must only rise. We are the wisdom seekers, the commotion stirrers, the society evolvers, and the holders of divine mystery of what will be uttered next from the fruit of our lips. We must plant the seeds and spread as much light as the sound of our voices produce. Girl power is not only a movement of unity, it is a way of life that embraces every girl from every culture, spreading infinite love like confetti. Because girl power originates from love— a love that sparks the passion to be great.

By Jasmine McCaskill
High school senior
DeSoto County, Mississippi.