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Kalissa's Runway - Adventures of a Teen Model

In October of 2015, I was chosen to model for Lauren Franco during LA Fashion Week. It was an awesome opportunity. I had a great time in California. A lot of people ask me how I got started modeling. I tell them It all started accidentally when I won an anti-bully essay contest for Love GIRLS Magazine and was chosen to be the cover girl for the 2014 winter issue. I have been modeling ever since. I love modeling, traveling and meeting new people. I also enjoy volunteering in my community, especially for the Fayette County Animal Rescue (FCAR) in Tennessee, where I live. You can find out more about my adventures in modeling and my community service project sponsored by Royal Neighbors of America to help the homeless animals in my community. Check out the whole story on the new LGM YouTube series, Love Diaries.

You know what's great about modeling?? It's not always about pretty dresses and trending clothes. If you have ever seen New York Fashion Week or maybe London Fashion Week, then you have seen what most people call, "the strange side of modeling." But that's what I love!! The creativity of designers is always so exciting and different! It's not the type of clothes you see in stores. It's wild, crazy and exciting.

I also love gallery modeling when the photography focuses on the model and the model's expressions. I love the artistic side of modeling. A model can have many faces. Creative artist photo shoots allow these faces to show through. I recently had the opportunity to work with a fun photographer named Tyrone Randall. Tyrone and I worked up some great artsy pics that will be featured on t-shirts by Kotton Kandy Couture. The photo shoot was about as odd as it gets. I wore everything from aluminum foil to feathers and cookies.

Art is a favorite subject of mine and now it is also my favorite modeling style.

Kalissa in feathers
Kalissa wearing feather crown
Makeup Artist: Heather Holland
Photographer: Tyrone Randall